Kirra the Koala - 3 in 1 kids wooden block puzzle

$130.00 AUD


Wooden koala puzzle & game - 3 in 1 

Experience endless educational fun with the Australian 3 in 1 Koala Wooden Puzzle Toy Block! This captivating animal wooden block puzzle is not your ordinary toy—it's a versatile playtime companion that combines the best features of wooden puzzles game, toy blocks, and block puzzle sets. Crafted with care from premium-quality sustainable wood, this must-have addition to any child's collection guarantees hours of entertainment and learning.

  • Children can challenge themselves by solving the wooden puzzles game, building various structures using the toy blocks, or arranging the blocks to create unique block puzzle patterns. The possibilities are endless!
  • Buy wooden puzzles online and immerse your child in the enchanting world of Australian wildlife with the adorable koala design of this wooden puzzle.
  • As they piece together the interlocking blocks, their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness are enhanced, providing a solid foundation for future development.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Once the children wooden puzzle blocks is complete, the possibilities are endless. Watch as your child's creativity and imagination flourish while they stack and arrange the individual blocks to build towers, houses, or even a koala habitat. The only limit is their imagination!

  • To add a touch of whimsy to any space, the Australian 3 in 1 wooden koala puzzle online Toy comes with a specially designed stand, transforming it into an exquisite piece of home decor.
  • Display this unique wooden block puzzle proudly in your child's bedroom or playroom, radiating warmth and joy.

This multipurpose toy offers the ultimate playtime experience, combining the benefits of wooden puzzles, toy block set, and room decor. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Order the Australian 3 in 1 Koala Toy wooden learning blocks today and witness their imagination soar to new heights!

Recommended Age - 3+ years

Beech wood from sustainably sourced forests - FSC

Non-toxic paints

Product Package - 

Large Kirra Puzzle - 31cmx31cmx5cm - 2.02kg

Wooden Puzzles - 20cmx20cmx2cm - 730g

Individual puzzles pieces vary

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Suzi Marinovic
Gorgeous, Educational, Fun

Absolutely love Kirra the Koala. I bought this puzzle for my nephew and he adores it. When he’s not making the puzzle he uses it as building blocks using his imagination and playing for hours on end. The colours are just gorgeous making it
beautiful to look at when it’s on display in his room.
The fact that it’s made from sustainable wood and is non toxic, being kind to both the environment and my nephew, made for an easy purchase decision.
Would love to see more puzzles.

the most beautiful puzzle/decor item

This is stunning! I love buying from small/family businesses. This is such a good design, quality puzzle. and I love that it even came with a stand to display it. I could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you

Melissa Jones
3 & 6 year old both love it!

My daughter & son absolutely love this piece!
Such a beautiful addition to our playroom!

Absolutely love this puzzle

I bought this puzzle for my daughter but really it was for me. It's just so beautiful. I was surprised with the quality, it was as good if not better than Grimms puzzles. It also comes with a frame and stand which I thought was brilliant, so when we aren't using it its beautifully positioned in my daughters room. Totally worth the money, highly recommended.

Amy Howley
Disability inclusive

My little 7 year old boy loves his koala! We got his through his ndis plan. My son have level 3 autism and the puzzle pieces were very easy on his fine motor skills- thank you! 😀


What are wooden puzzle blocks good for?

Children should choose woody puzzle blocks over plastic toys because they offer numerous benefits.This encourage cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and hand-eyecoordination. They are eco-friendly, durable, and free from harmful chemicalsfound in some plastic toys. Additionally, wooden puzzles stimulate creativityand provide a tactile, sensory experience for young minds.
Invest in yourchild's development and provide them with hours of educational fun. Add theAustralian 3 in 1 Koala Wooden Puzzle Toy Block to their collection and watchas they embark on a journey of creativity and imagination!

How to maintain your wooden block puzzle?

To ensure thesafe care of painted wooden puzzle toys, beginby inspecting them regularly for any signs of damage. Clean them gently with amild soap and water solution, avoiding harsh chemicals. Store them in a dry,dust-free area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Regularlycheck for loose parts or choking hazards
Furthermore, it'simportant to avoid exposing the painted wooden puzzletoys to excessive moisture or humidity, as this can lead to warping orpeeling of the paint. You can use silica gel packs or moisture absorbers in thestorage area to help maintain optimal conditions.
Consider storingthe puzzles in separate compartments or using dividers to prevent them fromrubbing or scratching against each other. This will help preserve theirintricate designs and prevent unnecessary damage.

What are the educational benefits of puzzle wood blocks?

Puzzles offernumerous educational benefits. They enhance problem-solving skills, criticalthinking, and logical reasoning. They promote cognitive development, improvememory and concentration, and boost spatial awareness. Puzzles also fosterpatience, perseverance, and resilience. Ultimately, they provide an engagingand enjoyable way to learn and develop various cognitive abilities.
In addition tocognitive benefits, Woody puzzles blocks can alsohave social advantages. Solving puzzles as a group encourages collaboration,communication, and teamwork. It creates a positive and interactive environmentwhere individuals can exchange ideas, share strategies, and learn from eachother.

Why are puzzles good for the brain?

Woody puzzles blocks are beneficial for thebrain because they engage cognitive skills like problem-solving, criticalthinking, and memory recall. They promote mental flexibility, enhanceconcentration, and stimulate the brain's neuroplasticity. Regularpuzzle-solving can improve overall cognitive function and provide a fun way tokeep the mind sharp.

What age is best for wooden learning block puzzles?

There is no specific age that is considered best forpuzzles. Puzzles can be enjoyed by people of all ages, as they offer a range ofcognitive and problem-solving benefits. Whether you're a child, teenager, oradult, puzzles can provide mental stimulation and entertainment.

What is FSC timber?

FSC timber refers to wood that has been certified bythe Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as sustainably sourced. It ensuresresponsible forest management practices, including protection of biodiversity,indigenous rights, and social welfare. FSC certification helps consumers makeenvironmentally conscious choices when purchasing onlinewoody puzzle products.

What does heirloom toys mean?

Wooden toys and heirloom toys hold a timeless charm and value. Crafted with natural materials and attention to detail, they not only inspire imaginative play but also become cherished keepsakes, passed down through generations. These toys evoke a sense of nostalgia and offer enduring quality in a world of disposable playthings.